Heroes to inspire heroes of all ages!

Heroes Inspiring Heroes

Because kids shouldn't have a hard time finding heroes,
and parents shouldn't have to worry about whether those heroes are appropriate.

Super heroes are super popular on the screen, but let’s face it: there’s a shortage of kid-friendly comics!
Children might enjoy heroes in movies, games, toys, or cartoons,

but if they open a comic with some of those characters nowadays, it’s very unlikely that it will be appropriate!

Somewhere along the way, we lost our way.  Adults hijacked heroes for shock value, innuendo,

and profit and made them darker, ultra-violent, political, and too ‘adult’! 
Anti-heroes became the norm, and now parents and kids are hard-pressed to find safe,
inspirational heroes.  We've overcomplicated the simple idea of doing good because it's the right thing to do,

and we've made it harder to find actual ‘good guys’ that set any real example for future heroes!

What if we could hit the ‘reset button’ and start things off  again -bring back the era of the heroes that had integrity?

We're doing that, but this time, we'll start the universe off right by adding in male and  female heroes with diversity.
Golden Kid comics take classic, forgotten heroes of yesteryear, sprinkled with new original heroes and villains,
and give them a fun, modern twist to create all-new adventures for all-ages!


We are two indie creators with a love for classic comics and pop culture that were bummed to see a lack of comics available for kids today!
The future of comics depends on kids being inspired and falling in love with characters they can trust!  Honestly, we're just big kids ourselves that 
want to make cool comics for all ages (and have a blast creating adventures in the vein of those that inspired us as kids)!

If you like what we're doing, and you'd like to help us make a greater impact
inspiring young heroes, consider supporting us through our Patreon page!
Writer & Co-Editor in Chief

Dan Johnson is a North Carolina native who knew he wanted to create comic books ever since he was seven years old. He began working in the industry by contributing articles to such comics-themed magazines as Alter Ego, Back Issue and Comic Book Marketplace. Over the years, he has also contributed to such pop culture publications as Filmfax, Hogan's Alley, Monster Memories, Monster News and Scary Monsters Magazine.

Dan got started writing comics when he began submitting gags to the comic strips Dennis the Menace and Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! in 2005. Dan’s first graphic novel, Herc and Thor, was published by Antarctic Press in 2006. Shortly after the release of that book, he began writing for Campfire Graphic Novels. His books for that company include adaptations of Robinson Crusoe, Oliver Twist and The Jungle Book (which was nominated for a 2011 Comic Con India Award for Best Children’s Publication) and the original graphic novel, Sinbad: The Legacy.  In 2013, Dan helped to found Empire Comics Lab and currently serves as the editor and head writer for Cemetery Plots, the company’s premiere anthology title.

Artist & Co-Editor in Chief

Josh is a artist, writer, teacher, and musician based in Rincon, GA that works full-time in ministry at The Chapel Effingham.

He's the creator of WORD WEIRDOS - trading cards for kids that help them memorize Bible verses (find out more soon at   Aside from his ministry comic pursuits, Josh has also done illustration work for Lucky Comics and Empire Comics Lab (where he met Dan Johnson)..
He is inspired every day by his wife, Anna, their daughter, Brenna, and the side-effects of growing up addicted to pop culture from the 70s & 80s.

Earlier this year, Josh and his wife Anna published a comic written by their (then) 4 year old daughter, Brenna, called CROCA COMICS #1 which you can find for sale online at Amazon and Indy Planet.